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August 2019 RIA Compliance Software Innovations

Posted by RIA in a Box

Sep 16, 2019 10:23:03 AM

latest RIA compliance software features from RIA in a BoxOne of our company's longstanding commitments is investing time and resources to make the RIA in a Box MyRIACompliance® platform the industry leading compliance technology offering for registered investment adviser ("RIA") firms. We put the client first by delivering innovative software and expert advice. Since 2005 we take pride in partnering with our clients to establish and support the highest quality registered investment adviser (RIA) firms in the country.  At RIA in a Box, we release new MyRIACompliance® software features and enhancements on a daily basis to meet the growing compliance concerns RIA's face. 


Here are the key new MyRIACompliance® RIA compliance software platform features, integrations, and platform updates released during August 2019: 

1. Integration with Docupace

Firms who subscribe to both Docupace and MyRIACompliance®, are now able to integrate the two systems and leverage single sign-on access to Docupace via MyRIACompliance® to consolidate their physical and digital records. Docupace is a digital document management system that uses a government-grade encryption to help maintain security of records. Not only does this minimize the risk of a potential data breach, but also helps to address the regulatory focus area of proper storage of sensitive information.

Docupace access through single sign on via MyRIACompliance

2. Integration with Black Diamond

Black Diamond and MyRIACompliance® subscribers can now benefit from the integration of the two systems. This integration will allow for users to get real-time updates on registration and notice filings and ensure your firm is meeting registration requirements in the appropriate jurisdictions.


Black Diamond RIA compliance integration

3. Vendor Due Diligence Document Upload

The Vendor Due Diligence tool streamlines the due-diligence process by automating the document-sharing process between firms and vendors including documents such as email compliance, data security, and cybersecurity policies. In addition to the leading RIA technology vendors that have joined the platform such as Morningstar, Redtail, Riskalyze, Orion, and Advyzon, users are now able to upload vendor documents for technology provides that might not currently be featured to the Vendor Due Diligence tool, storing all vendor documents in one location.

ria cybersecurity vendor due diligence document upload

4. 13F Filings

Firms that exercise discretion of more than $100 million in 13(f) securities are now able to initiate 13(f) EDGAR filings via MyRIACompliance® with the help of a designated compliance consultant.

RIA 13f filing service


5. Cybersecurity Device Inventory Feature

As part of the MyRIACompliance® Cybersecurity Platform, the new Device Inventory Feature allows supervisors to easily track and manage all internet-connect devices utilized by supervised persons at the firm limiting the risk of unauthorized access of sensitive information. Employees can submit their devices to supervisors for approval and if a device is lost a stolen, a cyber incident will automatically be recorded.

RIA cybersecurity employee device inventory


To learn more about the complete functionalities of the platform and how it could help solve compliance challenges at your firm, click below to schedule a 1 on 1 demo with a team member. 

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