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Starting an RIA Firm: Announcing The Path to Independence Promotion

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Jun 3, 2020 2:23:10 PM

starting a new ria firm technology optionsWe are excited to announce we've partnered with industry leaders Morningstar, Redtail Technology (Redtail), and Riskalyze to help advisors form new registered investment adviser (RIA) firms and work remotely and more efficiently in the wake of COVID-19. The Path to Independence Promotion will allow advisors that partner with RIA in a Box® to register a new RIA firm to use industry-leading cloud-based technology from the supporting firms, free of charge, based on their unique business needs through December 2020

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As the RIA industry adapts to the new remote work environment, RIA in a Box recognizes the important role technology plays in helping RIAs service their clients efficiently and effectively, especially during a firm's genesis. Upon registering with RIA in a Box, new advisors will secure complimentary access to the proprietary MyRIACompliance™ cybersecurity platform through December 2020. The cybersecurity platform empowers RIAs to efficiently construct, implement, and document a robust cybersecurity compliance program with a single solution.  

In addition, registrants will also have the opportunity to secure contracts with Morningstar, Redtail, or Riskalyze for complimentary access through the end of 2020 to:  

  • Morningstar Office Cloud: Morningstar Office Cloud is an award-winning portfolio management software that combines industry-leading performance reporting, billing, and rebalancing with Morningstar's robust investment research and security databases. Advisors can connect with clients via an interactive portal, automate tasks, assess risk, aggregate custodial accounts, and track client holdings, dividends, and returns, and more. These tools, among others, provide advisors with a seamless experience, enabling them to work efficiently wherever they are.
  • Redtail CRM: Redtail's Client Relationship Management (CRM) offers advisors the tools they need to strengthen client relationships, improve team collaboration, and work more efficiently. Redtail aids advisors in increasing revenue and profitability, decreasing client attrition, and supporting business-building activities. Some of the features include Workflow, Integrations, Reporting, Calendar, Notes, Seminars, Opportunities, Retriever Cloud, and Redtail's mobile app.
  • Riskalyze Elite: Through this platform, advisors have access to powerful client engagement tools that set useful expectations and help to empower fearless investing. Some of the tools that advisors will have access to include Next-Gen Risk Assessment, Portfolio Risk, Retirement Maps, Stress Tests, Scenarios, The Risk/Reward Heatmap, Meetings, Check-Ins, and the Lead Generation Questionnaire. In addition to these tools, advisors will be able to access analysis tools such as Detailed Portfolio Stats and Individual Security Analysis. 

All of the Path to Independence technology partners currently integrate with RIA in a Box's MyRIACompliance™ RIA compliance software platform.

To further discuss this new initiative, a joint webinar has been scheduled for Friday, June 5th at 1:30 pm EDT with industry-leading RIA technology provider executives GJ King, President of RIA in a Box, James Carney, head of independent advisor software for Morningstar, Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Redtail, and Riskalyze's CEO, Aaron Klein, where they will offer tips and considerations for advisors who are looking to start their own RIA firm, including how to leverage different technology platforms to accomplish their goals. For more information on the webinar or the promotion, please click here.

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