How does MyRIACompliance® integrate with Black Diamond?

This integration helps to ensure that an RIA firm is registered or notice filed in the proper jurisdictions and the currently filed Form ADV information is accurate.

Registered investment adviser ("RIA") firms utilizing both our MyRIACompliance® platform and Black Diamond, a leading portfolio management and reporting software provider, benefit from this integration. Joint clients of both MRC and Black Diamond are able to automate compliance and registration requirements to help ensure consistent and accurate registration and Form ADV information is filed.

There are several key benefits to an RIA firm that utilizes both Black Diamond and MyRIACompliance®:

  1. Real-time updates on their registration and compliance needs, eliminating the time-consuming demands of tedious manual entry processes.
  2. By sourcing data from Black Diamond and running it in tandem with RIA in a Box's MyRIACompliance® software, the integration enables firms of all sizes to seamlessly track registration and notice filings to ensure compliance requirements are updated in real-time.
  3. The integration provides advisors with enhanced capabilities, such as the real-time ability to ensure the firm is properly registered in proper jurisdictions.

Black Diamond

This integration also includes the MyRIACompliance® Registration Compliance Checker Tool, so the firms who are able to utilize our Black Diamond integration have real-time access to:

  • Where their firm is currently registered or notice filed
  • The number of client households located in each state
  • The ability to immediately initiate state registration and notice filing process

All of this is done within the MyRIACompliance® platform and helps firms immediately identify and address potential registration issues that require immediate attention. 

black diamond-1

The Black Diamond and MyRIACompliance® integration is free to access for RIA firms that utilize RIA in a Box's MyRIACompliance® software and Black Diamond. 

If you are currently an MRC and Black Diamond client, please reach out to your MRC client service representative to learn more about setting up this integration.