How does MyRIACompliance® integrate with Docupace?

With single sign-on to access the Docupace Vault, MyRIACompliance® and Docupace subscribers can seamlessly access and store their client documents containing Non-Public Personal Information ("NPI").

Registered investment adviser ("RIA") firms utilizing our MyRIACompliance® RIA compliance software platform benefit from our integration with Docupace, a digital document management system that uses government-grade encryption to help maintain security.  The integration allows a joint Docupace and RIA in Box MyRIACompliance® subscribers to leverage single sign-on to access the Docupace Vault to consolidate their physical and digital records. 

This integration was created to assist RIAs in responding to the Securities and Exchange Commission's ("SEC") May 2019 risk alert addressing "security risks associated with the storage of electronic customer records and information by broker-dealers and investment advisers in various network storage solutions, including those leveraging cloud-based storage."

With the Docupace storage add-on, advisors using MyRIACompliance® can upload sensitive client documents to a secure and cloud-based solution.

On the Docupace platform, each client has their own dedicated single-tenant environment in a Tier IV Gold data center, making it a secure way for advisors to manage and share their documents, while maintaining strict compliance standards and tracking via the MyRIACompliance® platform.

MyRIACompliance Docupace IntegrationYou can learn more about our integration with Docupace here.

If you are not a current Docupace subscriber, please feel free to contact your MyRIACompliance® client service representative for details on how to subscribe and set-up the integration.