How does MyRIACompliance® integrate with Redtail?

This integration allows an RIA firm's customized compliance calendar activities to be viewed, completed, and tracked within Redtail and the MyRIACompliance® digital compliance log.

The integration allows a joint Redtail and RIA in Box MyRIACompliance® client to view and complete tailored regulatory compliance tasks all within the Redtail CRM calendar system. MyRIACompliance® helps to programmatically deliver firm-specific compliance tasks utilizing the firm’s Form ADV and other proprietary data directly into the Redtail CRM system. 

The key benefits to an RIA firm that utilizes both Redtail and MyRIACompliance®:

  1. Allows an RIA firm to complete required regulatory compliance tasks without leaving the Redtail CRM system. This allows Redtail to further operate as a firm’s technology hub.
  2. Removes the need for an RIA firm to manage multiple calendars or log into multiple software systems.
  3. Allows compliance activities completed within Redtail to be automatically stored in the firm’s MyRIACompliance® digital compliance log.


Learn more about our integration with Redtail here.

If you are a current MyRIACompliance® and Redtail customers, please feel free to contact your MyRIACompliance® client service representative for details on how to set-up the integration.