How does MyRIACompliance® integrate with Riskalyze?

The MyRIACompliance® and Riskalyze integration helps to automate RIA client suitability.

Our MyRIACompliance® integration with Riskalyze establishes a simple supervisory workflow in which the Chief Compliance Officer ("CCO") of an RIA firm is able to seamlessly track, manage, and document the client suitability and portfolio review process enabled by the two platforms. 

By integrating the two systems, CCOs are able to:

  1. Simplify the client suitability review process
  2. Clearly log and document the client suitability review to ensure proper record keeping 
  3. Streamline the supervisory process related to client suitability 


For your firm's CCO:

The CCO, or others at your firm in a supervisory role, has access to a summary dashboard on MyRIACompliance® which will allow them to track their overall client suitability review progress (example above). The supervisor's view  also identifies how many of the firm's client portfolios are presently within the target risk, above the target risk, below the target risk, or without a Risk Number.® 

The CCO or other compliance supervisors are then able to further drill down into each risk category to see a summary of individual advisors' client portfolios and the number of clients that fall within each risk category and when the suitability information (i.e. the Risk Number®) was last updated. The supervisory user can then send reminders to individual advisors at the firm directly from MyRIACompliance® to set up their integration or prompt them to complete their initial client suitability review. 

For Individual Advisor Representatives:

Individual advisors will have a new Riskalyze widget added to their MyRIACompliance® dashboard showing the number of their individual clients presently in each risk category. The individual investment adviser representative can access Riskalyze directly through MyRIACompliance®, conduct their risk and suitability analysis on each of their individual clients, and submit the review for approval directly through MyRIACompliance®.  This allows for easy documentation of the review and each advisor's plan of action to reallocate clients' portfolios towards their proper risk targets. All submissions are logged in the firm's compliance log.

If you are a subscriber of both Riskalyze and MyRIACompliance®, this integration is available to you.

If you are interested in learning more about the MyRIACompliance® platform, get in touch with a product specialist here.