Read how an RIA firm with $50 million in assets under management can save $25,000 per year and increase its enterprise value by 16%.

For many registered investment adviser (RIA) firms, the new client on-boarding process is fraught with hidden risks of decisions that could lead to long term operational inefficiency. During the early days of a new client relationship, commitments made to the client regarding fee billing arrangements can introduce operational friction into the process by which the adviser is able to service the client.

If an adviser follows the guidelines detailed in this guide for establishing billing arrangements with his or her clients, the adviser can expect to save money in the following ways:

  • Reduction of hourly wages of client services employees
  • Minimization of paper and postage costs
  • Savings on financing costs due to improved cash flow
  • Higher client retention

In the event that the adviser wishes to one day sell the firm, these recurring savings will result in a meaningful increase in the value of the enterprise to a prospective buyer.



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