RIA Communications Archiving and Review

Store, organize, and execute your archiving duties in the all-in-one integrated solution.

Simplify the archiving and review process in our
compliance operations platform

RIA Chief Compliance Officers ("CCOs") need to be able to capture, retrieve, and review client communications as needed to meet their regulatory requirements for retention as set by SEC Rule 204-2. The MyRIACompliance Communications Archiving and Review solution enables registered investment adviser firms to store, retrieve, and filter communications all within a single platform. Our solution was built specifically for RIAs to optimize the content review process and to leverage a proactive approach to compliance concerns.

System Capabilities

RIA Compliance Archiving Email Icon

Email Archiving

All necessary components of your firm's emails are automatically stored and readily available for review. Connection capabilities for email services include Google G Suite and Microsoft 365.

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Social Media Archiving

Our solution archives personal, professional and company social media activity including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. As of May 2022, we are an official LinkedIn
Compliance Partner!

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Website Archiving

Your entire website is captured and can be previewed in an interactive way to visualize and review archived webpages. All data is retained in a compliant format to satisfy regulatory requirements.

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Review Communications

Easily search, filter, and review all of your firm's communications in one intuitive solution. Stay on track by adding regular reviews to your compliance calendar.


Built and Curated Specifically for Registered Investment Advisors

RIA Communications Archiving and Review

  • Capture, store, and review email, webpages and social media communications
  • Archive and review social media posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Capture webpages on a monthly basis
  • Email review with auto-flagging of keywords (customizable)
  • Easily retrieve archived data as needed
  • Simplify supervisory review process
  • MyRIACompliance users can seamlessly review and integrate archiving activities into their compliance calendar and compliance log

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• Supervisory capabilities for the CCO 

• Auto-flag keywords (customizable) 

• Direct API connections to social media accounts

• Pre-approve social media activity for firms with the ability to 'match' posts with requests to identify unconsented posts

• Couple MyRIACompliance® with the Communications Archiving and Review solution to streamline reviews and logs
   tasks for you in the compliance log

• Easily search and retrieve archived data at any time

• Records are kept in compliance with regulations

The SEC’s Rule 204-2, requires registered investment advisers ("RIAs") to retain books and records of all correspondence
and advertising for no less than five years.

Additionally, in preparation of an audit, it is standard practice for RIA firms to include reviews of certain files by a supervisory
member in their compliance procedures. 

RIA in a Box developed the Communication Archiving and Review solution to enable RIA firms of all sizes to simplify their communications archiving and review duties while meeting regulatory standards.

The MyRIACompliance Communications Archiving and Review solution was created for both state and SEC registered
RIA firms. The solution can be customized to your firm’s unique needs through connection sourcing and by pairing it
with our MyRIACompliance® platform.

MyRIACompliance users will benefit from the integration capabilities, which streamline action items including scheduled
reviews and maintaining the compliance log.

Users who choose the Communications and Archiving solution as a standalone solution can efficiently complete their
retention and supervisory duties.

• Gain a proactive approach to compliance concerns

• Reduce time spent with automated review process 

• In-house developers continuously innovating to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology and compliance requirements

• Simplify the process to review the entire firm’s communications in one place

• Minimize regulatory, financial, and legal risk 

• Mitigate operational risk with supervisory capabilities

• Receive expert guidance from Compliance Consultants for complex issues when utilizing our Enhanced Service 

• Collaborate with client advocates to customize the tool to match your firm’s needs 

• Easily capture, store, and review information 

• Feel confident storing data in a secure tool

Keeping Your Data Secure is Our Top Priority

RIA Communications Archiving and Review - Encryption


Your archived data is encrypted and

RIA Communications Archiving and Review - AWS


Storing your data securely is our top priority- that's why we partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store your data. AWS top-tier data centers are accredited and managed with the highest levels of security.

RIA Communications Archiving and Review - OAuth


We use open authorization (“OAuth”) to connect data sources - meaning we do not keep your username and passwords anywhere. Additionally, we utilize single sign on technology to mitigate security risks.

RIA Communications Archiving and Review - Robust Security Protections

Robust Security Protections

To protect your data, we utilize industry best practices, including:  

• Multi-Factor authentication

• Password Complexity Requirements

• Periodic Third-Party Penetration Testing

"Out of all of the solutions we have used in the past, the MyRIACompliance Communications Archiving and Review solution is by far the easiest and most simple, streamlined tool."
RIA in Colorado
"I think you may have built the best tool available! It is fast, easy, intuitive and quick. For now, I really don’t have more to say than that!"
RIA in Florida

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