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MyRIACompliance RIA Compliance Software

We provide monthly ongoing RIA compliance support to over 2,000 registered investment adviser ("RIA") firms.  Our RIA compliance software packages provide access to the industry-leading MyRIACompliance® online RIA compliance software platform. All compliance software packages include our standard service package which includes access to our MyRIACompliance mobile app, the annual Form ADV amendment and unlimited Form ADV amendments throughout the year. Our optional enhanced service package offers unlimited, hands-on time with our expert RIA compliance consultants to help answer questions and to review marketing and regulatory filing documents. We can also individually tailor more comprehensive consulting services to fit a firm's unique needs. Firms can also choose to bundle our proprietary RIA cybersecurity and employee trade monitoring platforms.

RIA Compliance Software Packages

Choose the best package for your state or SEC-registered RIA firm

Comprehensive Premium Advanced Standard
Monthly Price1
Software Features
Compliance Calendar, Webinars, Checklists, Status Monitor
Compliance Log
Employee Supervision
Registration Tracker
Access to the MyRIACompliance Mobile App
Compliance Document Templates
Audit Prep Tool
Risk Assessment Tool
Annual Review Tool
Single Sign On
Compliance Consulting
Exclusively available on Comprehensive
Cybersecurity Platform
Optional Add-on for All Software Packages
$150/mo $175/mo $200/mo
Automated Employee Trade Monitoring
Optional Add-on for All Software Packages
$100/mo $150/mo $200/mo.
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RIA Compliance Consulting and Service Packages

All compliance software packages include our standard level of service. You can choose to add enhanced compliance consulting support.

Standard Service
Included for State-Registered Firms
Included for SEC-Registered Firms
  • Initial Compliance Expert Review Call
  • Service Bureau Administrator for IARD Account
  • Assistance with Annual Form ADV Renewal
  • Unlimited Form ADV Amendments

Enhanced Service
$300/mo for State-Registered Firms
$450/mo for SEC-Registered Firms
  • Unlimited and Proactive Compliance Consulting
  • Creation and Review of Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Review of Filing Documents and Marketing Materials
  • Firm and Individual Registration Support2

Additional Services Available

We can assist our clients with these additional RIA regulatory filings: 

  • Form 13F: For firms that exercise investment discretion with respect to $100 million or more in 13(f) securities.
  • Form PF: For private equity and hedge fund advisers managing at least $150 million in private fund assets under management. 

We also provide on-site and virtual mock audit services for RIA Firms:

  • On-Site Mock Audit: Conducted by a former regulator and includes on-site review of Form ADVs, books and records, policies and procedures, and advertising materials.
  • Virtual Mock Audit: Conducted by a former regulator and includes a virtual review of files including Form ADVs, books and records, policies and procedures, and advertising materials.

Optional Compliance Tools

  • RIA Compliance Cybersecurity Homepage
  • RIA Compliance Cybersecurity Employee Training
  • RIA Compliance Cybersecurity Email Phishing
  • RIA Compliance Cybersecurity Vendor Due Diligence

RIA Cybersecurity

The MyRIACompliance® RIA cybersecurity platform empowers an RIA firm to design and implement the firm's cybersecurity program. The platform is designed exclusively for RIA firms who face unique cybersecurity risks and regulatory requirements.

Key Features:

  • Security Awareness Training and Testing
  • Email Phishing Attack Simulation
  • Automated Vendor Due Diligence
  • Technology Inventory and Risk Assessment
  • Customized Information Security Policy

Pricing: Starts at $150 per month

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Automated Employee Trade Monitoring

With the ability to establish an electronic data feed to over 15,000 financial institutions, the employee trade monitoring feature automates the submission and tracking of personal securities holdings and transactions for RIA firms of all sizes. The Chief Compliance Officer gains access to detailed reporting tools and the ability to manage a restricted securities list.

Key Features:

  • Automatically record and monitor employee personal securities transactions
  • Eliminate the need to review and archive paper brokerage statements
  • Consolidate employees' personal securities transactions into a single reporting system

Pricing: Starts at $100 per month

Learn More About Automated Employee Trade Monitoring

  • RIA Compliance Employee Trade Monitoring
  • RIA Compliance Employee Trade Monitoring Holdings
  • RIA Compliance Employee Trade Monitoring Transactions
  • RIA Private Fund Platform Homepage
  • RIA Private Fund Platform Inventory

Private Fund Adviser Platform

The new private fund platform provides tools to manage and automate compliance processes and streamline regulatory filings, all in a centralized location saving private fund advisers time and money and providing them reassurance they are meeting all compliance requirements. Private fund managers that utilize the new MyRIACompliance Private Fund Platform will gain access to a full range of tools to help them meet their compliance requirements. Platform Capabilities include:

Key Features:

  • Form PF Filings
  • Blue Sky and Form D Filings
  • Risk Assessment Tool
  • Private Fund Inventory
  • Tailored Private Fund Adviser Compliance Policies and Procedures

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Learn More About The Private Fund Platform

Training and Onboarding

We charge a one-time fee equal to the monthly subscription fee that includes a detailed MyRIACompliance® software training session with our onboarding and training expert. This fee also includes additional staff training and assistance with connecting to our technology integration partners.

How our training expert will help you and your staff:

  • Provide Chief Compliance Officer training on all available MyRIACompliance® compliance tools
  • Assist with customization of compliance settings and notifications
  • Host a training session to assist with staff onboarding to MyRIACompliance®
RIA in a Box MyRIACompliance Onboarding RIA Compliance Consulting

Software Integrations

Our compliance software platform integrates with these leading solutions:

Black Diamond Wealth Platform Integrates with RIA in Box
Docupace Logo
Morningstar Integrates with RIA in Box
Orion Integrates with RIA in Box
Salesforce Integrates with RIA in a Box MyRIACompliance
Riskalyze Logo
Redtail CRM Integrates with RIA in a Box MyRIACompliance
Wealthbox CRM Integrates with RIA in Box MyRIACompliance

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1. All subscriptions require an annual contract billed on a monthly basis and a one-time set-up fee equal to the monthly subscription fee. Each RIA firm subscription includes one MyRIACompliance® user license. For firms with more than one employee, the firm is required to purchase a user license for each additional firm employee to help the firm meet its compliance supervision requirements. Each additional user license for state-registered firms is $15 per user and each additional user license for SEC-registered firms is $20 per user.
2. Includes assistance to help prepare and file paperwork required for up to three (3) new individual investment adviser representatives to be registered per 12 months and to help prepare and file the firm's application for registration or notice filing in up to three (3) additional jurisdictions per 12 months.

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