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How an Independent Broker Dealer Rep Can Start an RIA Firm: A Step by Step Guide 

The new Department of Labor ("DOL") "fiduciary rule" is poised to dramatically change how retirement investment assets are managed. This new rule is further accelerating the wealth management industry's rapid shift to a fiduciary, fee-based model. Download our new E-Book to learn more about how an advisor currently affiliated with an independent broker dealer (IBD) can start their own registered investment adviser ("RIA") firm. 

The free E-Book provides detailed guidance on topics including:

  • The steps and associated costs of the RIA registration process
  • The economics and asset requirements of operating an independent RIA firm
  • Navigating RIA compliance, operations, and technology needs
  • The differences between operating as a hybrid advisor compared to RIA-only
  • The benefits of being able to use the new "level fee fiduciary" DOL rule exemption
  • Selecting the right RIA custodian based on your firm's unique characteristics
  • Creating long-term business enterprise value by becoming fee-only

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